Motor Design

  • Electromagnetic Design of motors:
    • Brushless DC Motor
    • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
    • Synchronous Reluctance Motor
    • Switched Reluctance Motor
  • Application specific & Performance centric help in choosing appropriate motor.
  • Balanced combination of finite element Software & Practical experience in Design of Motors.
  • Detail motor CAD and 3D models with all relevant plots such as:
    • Torque vs Speed
    • Temperature rise vs Output Power
    • Current waveforms
    • Motor core and copper loss analysis
    • inductance profile, etc.
  • One stop solutions for conceptualization -> Prototype -> Production.

Motor Controller

  • Sensor less control of BLDC, PMSM & SRM.
  • Optimized MPPT controllers for solar pump drive with efficiency > 99 %.
  • State of the art Motor control Algorithms enhancing converter performance.
  • Detail Drive Simulation, Circuit loss analysis, Heat sink design based on thermal analysis, High frequency and Power PCB design.
  • Reliability analysis of Power converters, Accelerated life test on experimental setup for minimizing on-field failures and estimating Operational lifetime.

Motor Prototyping

  • We have extensive vendor network for fast prototyping different type of electric motor.
  • Prototyping is used to test real world performance of the electric drive and is a crucial step in product development.
  • Extensive testing is carried out to gauge the performance of the drive such as torque output, efficiency, overload rating etc.